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Group / Centre Activities 

We provide group activities for people of various ages. These activities take place in our centre and range from simple exercises to serious ones like drama and photography. There is no age restriction. These activities are planned out in line with  NDIS objectives in mind with particular attention being paid to each individual’s plan. The activities are supervised by a qualified member of staff who works with the individuals to access their progress. People who need individual support to participate in group activities get all of the support they need. 

Plan Management

Using the plan management option for fund management means that you would need a plan manager who would serve as an intermediary between you, providers, and the NDIA. At Asayish, we offer quality and unbiased plan management for all our clients. We would help you with invoice payments and communicating with service providers. We send a  monthly transparency report to all our clients to show expenditure and current total. We also offer free tools that make it possible for you to track your fund’s flow and your budget in real-time. While we offer other services like care and home support, our plan management service is stand-alone. This means that clients do not need to use any other of our services along with our plan management. 

Household Tasks

We understand that the safety and wellbeing of our clients is a priority. These factors are however dependent on a clean and tidy environment. That is why we help our clients handle household tasks such as